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POZITRON PLUS is an innovative, highly sophisticated product based on the fine film technique produced from the 6 kinds of specially designed and processed celluloid materials with superior characteristics.

Pozitron Plus Set

POZITRON PLUS is a very powerful home and business system for NEUTRALIZATION of the pathogenicity of the wide spectre of harmful technical radiation predominantly in the daytime.

POZITRON PLUS DOG PROTECT is incorporated into a dog’s necklace – VITALITY COLLAR. It works as a small, POSITIVE FREQUENCIES TRANSMITTER. The frequencies are compatible with the dog’s frequencies.

Pozitron Plus Dog Protect

DOG PROTECT frequencies have been programmed to stimulate relaxation of the involuntary nervous system. This means that your best friend will be MORE PEACEFUL, LESS AGGRESSIVE, LESS NERVOUS AND GENERALLY HAPPIER.

What is Pozitron Plus?

  • protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation
  • natural radiation protection (groundwater, Hartman, Curry)
  • stimulation of the flow of energy through organic systems
  • energy stabilization of space

See video for more information:

Video Frequency Test

Live Blood Drop Test

PIP Camera Test

Harry Oldfield is a British scientist and inventor, who perfected his system of diagnostics during the last 25 years and disease treatment. At the end of the 1980s he has invented a camera abbreviated PIP (Eng. Polycontrast Interference Photography), which registers the patterns of photon interference, that is, how the ambient light affects the subtle energy fields.

PIP Camera Test

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Our customers are more than satisfied with the results of Pozitron Plus.

Ana Barkovic


I use the PERSONAL POZITRON that I always carry with me, wherever I am. I am delighted because I have much more energy than before. I had problems with frequent headaches, and since I have POZITRON, the frequency of my headaches has been significantly reduced.

Miroslav Ciro Blazevic

Football Coach

After experiencing several serious health conditions, my dear friend Aleksandar Zalepugin recommended me Pozitron Plus. Ever since I started using Pozitron Plus, I feel like a completely new man. My vitality and strength are  finally back. Pozitron Plus is such a great product. I can’t recommend it enough.

Marko Tomic


I sleep a lot better, and in the morning I feel rested. I have a feeling that every day I am more satisfied and more fulfilled, because I feel better! I’m just sorry I did not find POZITRON products much earlier. I recommend it with complete satisfaction.

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