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POZITRON PLUS is an innovative, highly sophisticated NANO-TECH device, which with it’s programmed frequencies in a very high percentage (over 90%) helps the body to defend itself against radiation from mobile phones, repeaters, computers, WI-FI (4G, 5G networks), groundwater, etc.

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POZITRON PLUS with it’s physiological frequencies stimulate the autonomic nervous system, breaks energy blockages, raises the flow of energy through all organs, and thus helps the human body to become energetically and immunologically stronger.

POZITRON PLUS – DOG PROTECT is installed in a dog collar – VITALITY COLLAR. It protects the dog from harmful radiation from the environment, but it also functions as a SMALL TRANSMITTER OF PHYSIOLOGICAL FREQUENCIES, which increase the flow of energy through the dog’s body.

Pozitron Plus Dog Protect

Under the permanent influence of DOG PROTECT, the dog is easier to get rid of accumulated stress, tension, nervousness and anxiety, gets rid of energy blockages in the body, his immune system becomes stronger, and is more resistant to many diseases.

What problems can electromagnetic and pathogenic radiation from our environment cause?

According to the literature and our knowledge from many years of practice, this is a whole range of health disorders, all of which are related to the POOR FUNCTIONING OF THE VEGETATIVE NERVOUS SYSTEM AND WEAKENED ENERGY FLOW THROUGH THE ORGANISM:

  • Difficult waking up, excessive morning fatigue
  • Restless sleep, bad dreams, nightmares, frequent night awakenings, insomnia
  • Cold feet and hands (women), hot and restless feet (men)
  • Painful syndromes of the spine and joints (regardless of the quality of the mattress)
  • Frequent chest pressure, stabbing around the heart, frequent headaches
  • Menstrual disorders, heavy bleeding, cysts, tumors
  • Disorders of the thyroid, prostate and adrenal glands
  • Chronic indigestion (diarrhea or constipation)
  • Anxiety, depression, loss of sexual desire, chronic fatigue
  • Feelings of increased fatigue, lethargy and increased exhaustion after leaving work
  • At work, poor concentration, fatigue, irritability, feeling that you need more time to complete work tasks
  • School children – lack of concentration, difficult learning, poor school results
  • Increased risk of tumors and cancer (since pathogenic radiation from our environment has been declared GREAT THIEVES OF HUMAN ENERGY)
  • Fertility disorder in young couples (harmful radiation in the pocket due to a strong battery of keys for wireless unlocking of the car, harmful radiation of a strong mobile phone battery in the pocket, several hours of using a laptop on the stomach) 
  • Due to the reduced flow of energy through the body, the immunity and oxygen transfer in the body can be weakened, which favors a greater susceptibility to various viral (COVID-19, Influenza…) and bacterial diseases

What is Pozitron Plus?

  • protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation (mobile phones, WI-FI, laptop, tablet, TV, microwave owen, air condition…)
  • protection from harmful natural radiation (groundwater, Hartman…)
  • energy harmonizer of energy flow through the human organism
  • stabilization of  energy in living space

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Polycontrast Interference Photography

PIP CAMERA is a unique software program, which reads the finest vibrations from the deepest parts of the human energy field, with the help of light photon interference, and displays them throughout the entire color palette. The most similar comparison can be with MAGNETIC RESONANCE, which enables the detection of the smallest details inside the structures of the human body, and in a similar way the PIP CAMERA enables the detection of the smallest details of the human energy field. The default color palette allows the software to recognize, read, and diagnose a variety of physical, mental, and energy disorders.

PIP Camera Test

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Our customers are more than satisfied with the results of Pozitron Plus.

Ana Barkovic


I use the PERSONAL POZITRON that I always carry with me, wherever I am. I am delighted because I have much more energy than before. I had problems with frequent headaches, and since I have POZITRON, the frequency of my headaches has been significantly reduced.

Nikica Stolić Mirt


I bought Pozitron Plus OFFICE SET after a recommendation received from my best friend who had heard about Pozitron Plus through a radio show and recommended that I take a look at their website. First and foremost, it was important to me that all Pozitron Plus products have clear certificates, i.e. certificates of their operation and effectiveness. My warm recommendation to all those who want to have their health under control in terms of technical and other form of radiation.

Miroslav Ciro Blazevic


After experiencing several serious health conditions, my dear friend Aleksandar Zalepugin recommended me Pozitron Plus. Ever since I started using Pozitron Plus, I feel like a completely new man. My vitality and strength are  finally back. Pozitron Plus is such a great product. I can’t recommend it enough.

Marko Tomic


I sleep a lot better, and in the morning I feel rested. I have a feeling that every day I am more satisfied and more fulfilled, because I feel better! I’m just sorry I did not find POZITRON products much earlier. I recommend it with complete satisfaction.

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