About Us

Our vision is to offer each user a greater security of life, to increase the energy of the organism, to provide greater prosperity and better dreams, to reduce the periods of stress and tension, and to give our passionately concrete contribution to your well-being.

The main motive for the development of a specific protective product was the prevention of carcinoma in children, due to a significant increase in the use of mobile phones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, wireless and digital technologies.

Our mission is to make a major contribution to the protection of human, animal and plant life in our environment, to minimize the negative effects of harmful radiation. We continue to work on additional training and awareness-raising, all to prevent the fight against increasing the disease statistics of our and future generations from malignancies (medicine and science connect them daily with the modern technologies that surround us). Our products are truly unique and have been developed on the basis of NANO-TECHNOLOGY. In addition to the proven effectiveness of the harmful effects of electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation, they are further programmed to continuously increase the energy of human and animal organisms, thus helping to strengthen the body’s immune system and resistance to many diseases. Through its multifunctional product range, POZITRON PLUS becomes a recognized LEADER in the fight against stress and harmful radiation and provides all available PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE for present and future generations.

Our Company

Main goal of our company and products is to extend a knowledge of preventive protection of health of children and adults, from the increasingly detrimental effects of electromagnetic and geo-pathogenic radiation.


The prototype of the product originated in 1995. After many years of testing, and designing, we have developed an entire range of high-efective protection products within the unique brand – POZITRON PLUS (many international awards, gold medals, CERTIFICATES are evidence of excellent performance, together with internationally recognized CERTIFICATE OF PROTECTIVE IMPACT – BION SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE, which is also true in medical and scientific circles).

POZITRON PLUS is an innovative, highly sophisticated NANO-TECH PRODUCT, which significantly extends the existing limits of protection of man from the sleeping area, to a complete living, residential and commercial space. Its main function is the neutralization of the pathogenic spectrum of electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation and makes it compatible with the physiological frequencies of man.

Our Team

Krunoslav Jelaković

Dr. med. Krunoslav Jelakovic


Gordana Draganić

cert. radiest. Gordana Draganic

Development Manager

Saša Zalepugin

Prof. Aleksandar Zalepugin


Mario Vrabec

Mario Vrabec

Sales & Education Manager

Anita Levanić

Anita Levanic

Head of Office

Robert Boric

Digital Project Manager

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