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Electromagnetic Radiation

According to many expert statistical reports, electromagnetic density of radiation in our surroundings is approximately 200 MILLION TIMES higher than 50 years ago.

We live in a time of rapid development of modern technologies. It is a great privilege for each of us because it simplifies and beautifies our lives, makes work easier, drastically increases personal and business opportunities, ennobles and cheers up our free time, and makes us more satisfied.


Precisely because of this, scientists around the world warn that we are now literally BATHING IN A SEA OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION. We do not see or hear them, and the spaces in which we live and work have already become saturated with the frequencies of wireless radiation, which bring with them unexpected dangers.

ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION – all technical devices in our homes, offices, circuits, TV, mobile phones, computers, laptops, wi-fi wireless internet (2G, 3G and 4G network), even more destructive 5G network coming, mobile signal repeaters, radars, satellites, microwave ovens, air conditioners and similar sources, today pose an increasingly serious health threat to all of us, and especially to our children, who are literally not separated from their mobile phones and computers even during sleep…

Electromagnetic frequencies in excessive doses pass through all our organs and organ systems, and here we have a problem because TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION is much faster than the ability of the human body to adapt to new conditions and create adequate defense against aggressive frequencies that are not natural and therefore consume precious energy too quickly of the immune system of human organism.

According to numerous expert statistical reports, the concentration of electromagnetic radiation of a huge number of devices that surround us today is approximately 200 MILLION times higher than it was 50 years ago. If we take into account that technological development is getting faster and faster, we can freely conclude that the negative effects of radiation on human health will be much stronger over time.

In connection with this, a new, invisible to the naked eye environmental pollution called ELECTRO-SMOG appeared, and with it a new group of diseases in humans, which modern medicine calls ELECTROMAGNETIC STRESS!

THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION warns that due to excessive exposure to electromagnetic stress – chronic fatigue, exhaustion, stress, poor concentration, frequent headaches, anxiety, depression, mental disorders, sleep and sleep disorders, and a real epidemic of diseases in various diseases. leading causes of illness in us and our children.

Now imagine a delicious, round cake. This cake represents the total electromagnetic saturation of your living and business space with various types of electrical circuits, radio waves, wireless internet waves, repeater signals, wi-fi signals, radar and satellite waves, and various other signals that travel and pass through us, spreading. around us, they have their own frequencies and polarities, and they are completely invisible.

When we cut one slice of cake and place it on a plate, it represents a DANGEROUS PATHOGENIC SPECTRUM within the total electromagnetic saturation of the space. In other words, only that small part of the EMF is pathogenic to the human body, and that larger part of the cake poses almost no danger to human health.


Good news is coming. With the help of sophisticated NANO-TECHNOLOGY, a modern neutralizer of exactly that small slice of cake was produced, which represents the pathogenic spectrum of harmful radiation. That is why today it is no longer necessary to be afraid and fight against the further progress of modern technologies – because that is literally not possible! With the advancement of technology, it is necessary to look for new modern solutions to NEUTRALIZE THE PATHOGENIC SPECTRUM OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION within our living and business space, and thus significantly reduce their harmful impact on our health and the health of our children.


WITH THE SOPHISTICATED NANO – TECH NEUTRALIZER OF THE PATHOGENIC SPECTRUM OF EMF RADIATION “POZITRON PLUS”, from now on you can enjoy with much greater security all existing and future technical devices, which will be the essence of a fast-growing TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION.