Electromagnetic Radiation

According to many expert statistical reports, electromagnetic density of radiation in our surroundings is approximately 200 MILLION TIMES higher than 50 years ago.

We live in times of rapid technological development. It is a privilege because technology makes our lives simple and more beautiful. It makes our work easier, increases our personal and professional possibilities, makes our lives more purposeful and brings a lot of joy to our times of leisure. It makes us feel satisfied.


Precisely because of that, the scientists all over the world keep warning us about the SEA OF THE ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION THAT WE ARE BATHING IN. We can’t see it. We can’t hear it. Our working and living spaces are filled with frequencies from the wireless sources. They bring many unexpected dangers to our lives.

ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION – All technical devices in our homes and offices, electrical circuits, television, mobile phones, computers, laptops, Wi-Fi (wireless internet – 2G, 3G and 4G), a very destructive 5G network that is still to come, mobile signal repeaters, radars, satellites, microwave ovens, air-conditioning, etc. All of that represents serious threats to our health. The most threatened population are our children because they spend most of their time with their phones and computers. Sometimes they even take it to bed with them.

According to many expert statistical reports, electromagnetic density in our surroundings is approximately 200 MILLION TIMES higher than 50 years ago. If we take into account the speed of technological progress, it is easy to come to the conclusion that the negative influences for human health will also grow. This caused the new kind of pollution called ELECTRO-SMOG which leads us to the new group of diseases among the people. Contemporary medicine named it ELECTROMAGNETIC STRESS.

Strong electromagnetic frequencies go through all of our organs and organic systems. We are facing the problem because the TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION is much faster than the human ability to adapt to the new conditions and to create adequate defense mechanism that could protect us from the aggressive frequencies that are not natural. They spend the valuable energy of our immune system too fast.

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION keeps warning us about the dangers of exposing ourselves to the electromagnetic stress – chronic fatigue, exhaustion, stress, poor ability to focus, frequent headaches, anxiety, depression, psychological disorders, sleeping disorders, and epidemic spreading of many AUTOIMMUNE AND CARCINOGENIC DISEASES. They will be the leading causes of the illnesses among our children.


There is no need to be afraid of new technologies. There is no need to fight them as well because that is literally impossible. We have to take the new technologies into consideration for developing modern solutions in order to NEUTRALIZE THE PATHOGENIC SPECTRE OF THE ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION in our everyday living and working environments. That will surely reduce the harmful effect the radiation has on our health and on the health of our children.