PIP Camera

PIP CAMERA is a highly-sophisticated patented software which creates our energetic prints through light reflection.


Harry Oldfield is a British scientist and inventor who has been improving his diagnostic and treatment system for the past 25 years. By the end of the 1980s he invented a camera called PIC (Polycontrast Interference Photography), which registers photon interference patterns, that is, how ambient light acts on subtle energy fields.

Using the Oldfield Camera, it is possible to register the colors of a human energy field, and thus to diagnose different physical, mental (psychological) and energy disturbances. It shows changes in health by recording “before” and “after” treatment with a specific protective product, drug, or bio-energy treatment of professionals.

PIP CAMERA is a highly-sophisticated patented software that creates our energetic prints through light reflection. The camera shoots a person standing in front of a white canvas or wall, and on a computer screen, a reflection of the energy field in different colors can be seen in parallel.

The PIP system is an optical digital process through which light interference is recorded on man and in man, or in his energy field. Photons that refuse the person being watched twice pass through its energy field – one at the entrance to the energy field and once out of the energy field. These interference photon samples detect and interpret the PIP software. 

The energy field is in every man of different shapes. This depends on the health of the person being captured. If this man is ill or has some mental problem, it is immediately seen in the representation of the energy meridians of the body that are interconnected.

Pozitron Plus Favicon

At the end of 2013, we sent POZITRON PLUS to our London partners, who agreed to test products in England. To our great satisfaction, testing was done personally by Mr. Oldfield, in his London laboratory.

The testing lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes on multiple products. One part of the wall was a white pan, in front of which there were people (one male and one female) who exchanged. Once they were captured with POZITRON PLUS, second without POSITIONS. 

Mr. Oldfield held the camera that showed the video on a big screen, and everybody made a little photo. Mr. Oldfield was visibly impressed with the protective effect of POZITRON PLUS! Several times during the recording he asked – “Where did you get this product? Who did it produce? Well done! This is amazing! The speed of action is exceptional!” 


Mr. Oldfield: “This is a great product! The test results are impressive! You have the product with the highest rate of positive protective effect on human health, which I’ve ever seen!”

Pozitron Plus Pip Camera

We present you some footage from the laboratory of Mr. Harry Oldfield, who shows you very clearly how much POZITRON PLUS is an effective product!

The PIP camera shot was made after 10 seconds of using the mobile phone (pairing with the repeater), WITHOUT MAINTENANCE IN THE MOBILE! The PIP camera has shown a detrimental effect (RED/WHITE PEN) on the area around the ear, head and neck of the person being shot.

The PIP camera shot was made after 10 seconds of using the mobile phone (connection with the repeater), WITH CONNECTED PROTECTION IN THE MOBILE! The PIP camera shows DIFFUSION of harmful effects (BLUE COLOR) around the ear, neck and head of a male.

A PIP camera shot made at a time when a person with a cell phone (WITHOUT PROTECTION) talks to another person. Cell phone display is red in color, enhanced red color on the hand is a sign of detrimental effect.

A PIP camera shot made at a moment when a person is talking to another person with the SAFETY PROTECTION. On the hand and cell phone, red color is lost, and blue appears, which neutralizes the harmful effect – NOW, THEN ONLY 3-4 SECONDS!!!

The PIP camera shows a red-pink color in the lower skull and upper back. The person from the picture has confirmed that he has frequent headache problems and painful spinal cord syndrome, with tension in the upper back.

The person with the photo holds the POZITRON PLUS-MOBILE in the hand, right next to the head, AND THE PROBLEM AREA OF PLACES OF PAINT COLORS.

The PIP camera shows the back of a woman. Red color signals a very slowed flow of energy and potential kidney problems and painful back pain syndromes.

The PIP camera shows the back of the same female person. The woman in front of her own holds POZITRON PLUS – PERSONAL, WITH 3 METERS RADIUS. After only a few seconds, the red color is lost and the blue appears. Blue color shows a significant improvement in energy flow.