PIP Camera

(Polycontrast Interference Photography)

PIP CAMERA is a highly-sophisticated patented software which creates our energetic prints through light reflection.


Harry Oldfield is a British scientist who invented and patented the PIP CAMERA in the late 1980s, and has been working on it for 25 years, with a unique approach to diagnosing and treating many somatic and mental ailments. Its software program registers the finest vibrations of the human energy field, with the help of photon interference of light.

With the help of the PIP CAMERA, it is possible to analyze the state of the human energy field, and thus diagnose various physical, mental (psychological) and energy disorders. The CAMERA shows the state of energy flow through the human body by comparing “before” and “after” treatment with a tested protective product, drug or bioenergy treatment.

PIP CAMERA is an optical digital system through which photon interference is recorded on a person, in the human body or in his energy field. Photons pass through the energy field of the tested person twice, and the results of photon interference are recorded and interpreted by PIP software.

The PIP system is an optical digital process through which light interference is recorded on man and in man, or in his energy field. Photons that refuse the person being watched twice pass through its energy field – one at the entrance to the energy field and once out of the energy field. These interference photon samples detect and interpret the PIP software. 

The flow of energy through the energy field of each person is different and depends solely on the health condition of the person being tested. If a person is ill or has mental problems, this is detected in the display of energy meridians, which are interconnected.

POZITRON PLUS – PIP Camera Testing

We sent POZITRON PLUS for testing in the laboratory of prof. Oldifield in London. The testing lasted about two hours, on two tested individuals, one male and one middle-aged woman alternating in front of a white wall, and several products from our range were tested. The first test was performed while the tested subjects were not yet under the influence of POZITRON PLUS, and the second test was performed on those same persons who were under the influence of POZITRON for a very short time. 

Scientist Oldfield displayed the test results on a large screen, and the results were recorded and documented. He was visibly impressed by the speed of the protective effect of the product, and its strong effect on raising the flow of energy throughout the body of the tested persons. Several times during filming he asked – “Where did you get this product? Who produced it? Congratulations to the man who invented this. Bravo! This is amazing! The speed of the product is exceptional!”


Scientist Oldfield: “This is a great product! The test results are impressive! You have the product with the fastest protective effect. I have never seen anything like it before!”

We present you PIP CAMERA footage from the laboratory of scientist Harry Oldfield, which shows you very clearly how effective a POZITRON PLUS product is!

The PIP camera image was taken after 10 seconds of conversation with a mobile phone pressed to the ear, while POZITRON PLUS was not installed on the mobile phone. The PIP camera showed BAD ENERGY FLOW (RED/PINK ZONE) to the area around the test person’s ear, head and neck.

The PIP camera footage was taken after 10 seconds of conversation of the same person, with the same mobile phone, except that in this case POZITRON PLUS was installed on it. The PIP camera shows the DISPERSION of the harmful red zone with the appearance of a predominantly BLUE ZONE which represents a GOOD FLOW OF ENERGY (BLUE PURPLE COLOR) around the ear, neck and head of the tested person, in a time period of only 10 seconds.

The PIP camera footage talks in just 3-4 seconds on a mobile phone that is not protected by POZITRON PLUS. You may notice an amplified bright red color on the hand and screen of the mobile phone, which represents a BAD ENERGY FLOW.

The PIP camera shot talks in just 3-4 seconds on a mobile phone protected by POZITRON PLUS. You may notice that the bright red color on your hand and the screen of your mobile phone has faded significantly, and a much more blue-purple color appears, which represents a GOOD FLOW OF ENERGY.

PIP CAMERA footage showing a lot of red and pink on the head, neck and back, indicating BAD ENERGY FLOW. The person in the picture confirmed that he has frequent headaches, tension in the upper back, and frequent painful syndromes of the cervical spine.

The PIP CAMERA footage shows that same male person holding a POZITRON PLUS in his right hand right next to his head. It is clearly visible that in just a few seconds the red – pink zone has significantly decreased, and the blue – purple zone is taking over (GOOD ENERGY FLOW).

The PIP CAMERA image shows the back of a female person. The red zone (BAD ENERGY FLOW) signals a very slow energy flow and the possible existence of energy blockages in the back. The person in the picture confirmed that he has frequent painful syndromes in his back, as well as occasional problems with his kidneys and urinary tract.

The PIP CAMERA footage shows the back of the same woman, holding a POZITRON PLUS – PERSONAL (which has a radius of action of about 3 meters). It is fascinating that in just a few seconds the red zone is lost, and the blue-purple zone is predominantly displayed, which signals a SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT of ENERGY FLOW, in just a few seconds!