Pozitron Plus LARGE SPACE 100m

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POZITRON PLUS – LARGE SPACE (protective radius 100 meters)

Harmonizes body energy, raises the flow of energy through all organs, eases your organism’s self-protection against pathogenic radiation from technical devices and wireless technologies, as well as from the natural radiation within the radius of 100 meters.

With its programmed spectrum of physiological frequencies IT POWERFULLY RAISES THE FLOW OF ENERGY in all organs and organ systems in the whole body by positive stimulation of the autonomous nervous system, it has a calming effect on the nervous system. It breaks energetic blockades in the organism, harmonizes the energy of the whole body by making it energetically stronger and by raising the power of the immune system.

In this way, it creates a strong NATURAL ENERGETIC SHIELD in the whole body and significantly reduces the harmful effect of the aggressive frequencies of the radiation from your surroundings (CERTIFICATE FROM THE BION INSTITUTE, PIP test, KAMERA – London, BIOSTAR TECHNOLOGY test, ROFES DEVICE test, SCIO EDUCTOR test, and QUEST9 electro-physiological Biofeefback Devices).

With its programmed frequencies, in a very high percentage (over 90%CERTIFICATES EUNES and HUPED), Pozitron Plus helps your organism to defend itself from the electromagnetic radiation from technical devices and wireless technologies from the space in which you are spending your time (mobile phones, wireless phones, electric circuits, repeaters, tablet, laptop, computer, scanners, printers, microwave oven, air-conditioning, WI-FI, 4G, 5G network, etc.). At the same time, it helps the organism to defend itself from the very harmful effects of the natural radiation (underground water flows, Hartmans, and Curry’s radiation) on the places where you sleep or the places where you spend several hours sitting. In this way, it raises an organism’s defense from harmful influences on the level that is above average. It protects you from the great robbers of human energy from our living and working environments. In this way, the inner energy of the organism’s defensive powers is not wasted and the immune system becomes naturally stronger.

POZITRON PLUS LARGE SPACE 100m (size 20×20 centimeters) has a protective radius of 100 meters in all directions. You should attach it to the original box and place it in the middle of your living or working space on the desk, closet, or floor. In this way, you will protect the whole apartment, all of your rooms, living room, nursery, kitchen – EVERYTHING!

Besides helping organisms in defense against harmful radiation from the most technical devices and wireless technologies in the living or working space, it also helps in protecting against EXTERNAL harmful radiation – radiation from repeaters, satellites, satellite, and radar antennas, power lines, transformer substations, and strong street lights.

If you have placed your bed on the “BAD POSITION”, it helps your organism in defense against the RADIATION FROM THE UNDERGROUND WATERS and other natural radiation. The walls won’t disturb its function. The only thing you should take care of is to place it properly on its original box STAR TOWARDS THE NORTH and to keep it at least 30 centimeters away from the closest object or wall!


If you place POZITRON LARGE SPACE 100m very close to your body, its spectrum of physiological frequencies will positively stimulate your autonomous nervous system, it will have a calming effect on your nervous system and POWERFULLY INCREASE THE FLOW OF INNER ENERGY IN ALL YOUR ORGANS AND ORGANIC SYSTEMS (proved by the tests with the help of electro-acupuncture, tested with contemporary software systems for the frequency medicine and proved by the work behind the scientific Certificate from the BION INSTITUTE – Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology – Ljubljana).

In this way, it very quickly helps your body in raising its energetic flow. At the same time, it makes you naturally more resistant to harmful radiation and many diseases and disease conditions because it helps the natural strengthening of your immune system.

POZITRON PLUS – when placed in the OFFICE SPACE – it helps in creating much better interpersonal relations, it helps in reducing tensions and avoiding arguments, it helps with concentration, and makes your mood better. You will feel better, more content, and calm, your attitude will be more positive when it comes to living and working, your optimism and creative energy will grow which means that your efficiency and results will be better. You will become more satisfied with yourself and you will start feeling much better.

POZITRON PLUS – when placed in the FAMILY SPACE (bedroom, nursery, living room) – you will be able to notice a better relationship with your partner and children, you will feel calmer and the level of content in the household will grow. You will sleep better and rest better, you will have more energy, better resistance against the illness, better immunity, much rarer disputes, your children will be better at school, they will feel calmer, their focus will be better, their results in school will be better, your pets will be much calmer and much more content, your plants will grow better.

Pozitron Plus LARGE SPACE is ideal for the protection of the large buildings, big apartment, whole house, big office space with several offices, hospitals, polyclinics, bigger doctor’s offices, psychiatrist’s offices, wellness center and energetic therapy zones, massage saloons, laboratories, physical medicine and rehabilitation offices, a psychiatric hospital with many patients, retirement homes, nursing homes, kindergartens, schools, etc. To protect larger spaces, you should connect two, three, or more POZITRONS in the sequence – on every 100 meters. In this way, you will be able to protect the whole fabric (to the extent of several hundreds of meters), the whole building, big shopping mall, church, cloister, students’ dormitories, etc.

The new 5G wireless network is here and its density in the inhabited areas is very high. This will significantly raise the level of electromagnetic pollution in our working and living environments, but it also brings numerous new possibilities. This is the reason why – along with the development of modern technologies – development of the modern products for the protection of the human organism and the reduction of the harmful effects of the technologies – is of crucial importance.

POZITRON PLUS LARGE SPACE 100m is a modern, highly sophisticated NANO-TECH PRODUCT that helps to protect your health and your children’s health. It provides MUCH MORE SAFETY in the environment where you are surrounded by modern technologies.


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