Pozitron Plus – OFFICE SET

750.15 (VAT included)

POZITRON PLUS – OFFICE SET, (consists of 6 NANO-TECH products)


1 x POZITRON PLUS – LIVING SPACE (20 meter radius)

1 x POZITRON PLUS – OFFICE (5 meter radius)

2 x POZITRON PLUS – PERSONAL (3 meter radius)

2 x POZITRON PLUS – MOBILE (1 meter radius)

POZITRON PLUS – OFFICE SET is a unique sophisticated product for the preventive protection of human health, produced from 6 layers of multi-processed and nano-technologically programmed celluloid material, which in the final production process is additionally protected with a resin coating, which enables it to have an extremely long service life (several dozen years). It represents a small programmed transmitter, which emits THREE SPECTER of its own programmed frequencies in the space around it, which protect human health from the aggressive frequencies of mobile phones, laptops, computers, repeaters and other wireless technologies, but also from pathogenic radiations from natural sources (underground water flow, Hartman and Curry radiation).

The FIRST FREQUENCY SPECTRUM, which is compatible with the physiological frequencies of the vegetative nervous system, is responsible for significantly increasing the flow of energy through the entire human body. Thus, a person in a protected space becomes stronger and more resistant to most radiation from technical and natural sources. Thanks to this, a much higher efficiency of the immune system in the prevention of various diseases can be expected.

THE SECOND SPECTRUM OF FREQUENCY enables an above-average neutralization of the pathogenic spectrum of electromagnetic radiation in space – up to 90% protection, where according to the well-known law of physics INTERFERENCE – waves of programmed positive frequencies interfere with waves of pathogenic frequencies of EM radiation, thus completely neutralizing them in the protected space. They do not block them, they only neutralize them, so they no longer have a burdensome effect on human health. In this way, the immune system does not have to be overworked, and thus the body becomes naturally stronger and more resistant.

THE THIRD SPECTRUM OF FREQUENCY serves to raise the mood, has a calming effect and fills the protected space with strong positive energy. That is why in a protected space you can expect significantly better interpersonal relationships, better work concentration, significantly less emotional negative energy and tension, and thanks to this, people in such a positive environment feel much better in the long term. This is a guarantee of greater human satisfaction and noticeably better psycho-physical health.


The lowest price of the product in a period of 30 days. – Product price and discounts are the same


POZITRON PLUS – does not block electromagnetic radiation, but only NEUTRALIZES THEIR PATHOGENIC SPECTRUM, that is why its function does not create any interference with technical devices and wireless technologies. With proper use, its service life is unlimited, and the warranty on the product is 10 years.


Most people are not even aware of the difference between STRENGTH AND PATHOGENICITY OF EM RADIATION. We are witnessing LARGE ASSOCIATIONS OF CITIZENS, who NO LONGER ALLOW STRONG REPEATER OF MOBILE SIGNALS, SATELLITE AND RADAR ANTENNAS, to be installed near their houses and apartments, because after their installation a huge number of people begin to feel numerous health problems, and it is suspected that one of the possible causes of the increased statistics of cancerous diseases, the epidemic of diabetes and hypertension in younger and younger people. What has not been taken into account until now is PATHOGENICITY, which spreads much, much further in space than the STRENGTH OF EMF RADIATION, and cannot be measured with existing measuring instruments. PATHOGENESIS causes numerous health problems, the most common of which are CHRONIC FATIGUE, NOISES IN THE HEAD, VERTIGO, HEADACHE, INSOMNIA, IRRITABILITY AND LOW MOOD.

This can best be explained on the example of PATHOGENIC RADIATION OF REPEATERS (a similar effect is caused by the pathogenicity of wi-fi routers, substations, radars, satellites…) which spreads several hundred meters further than the legally measured STRENGTH. This was very clearly proven by the TEST WITH BEES, which have a much more sensitive vegetative nervous system than humans. At a distance of about 500 meters from 450 hives, a repeater was placed. From the first day, the bees started to behave strangely, they became disoriented, they lived shorter, the productivity of the queens decreased significantly, there were fewer and fewer bees in the hives, the colonies became very weak, the bees became much more aggressive, their swarming instinct increased significantly so that they left their hives en masse. Within a year, honey production fell from 15 tons to less than 6 tons.

When POZITRON PLUS was installed as frequency protection against the pathogenic spectrum of repeater radiation, within 3 months the bee colonies completely recovered, and became even stronger, healthier and more productive than before.

THE HUMAN NERVOUS AND IMMUNE SYSTEM evolutionarily did not have time to adapt to the rapid progress of wireless technologies, and they recognize the pathogenic spectrum of frequencies passing through the human body as a threat. That’s why they work day and night, for weeks, months and years without rest, so they constantly CONSUME A HUGE QUANTITY OF THE ORGANISM’S INTERNAL ENERGY, which sooner or later will exhaust the organism, and this opens the door to chronic fatigue, a drop in immunity and, as a result, numerous physical and psychological health disorders.

POZITRON PLUS – OFFICE SET consists of 6 NANO-TECH products: 1 x POZITRON PLUSLIVING SPACE (20 meter radius of protection, size 9×9 cm), 1 piece of POZITRON PLUSOFFICE (5 meter radius of protection, size 7×7 cm), 2 x POZITRON PLUSPERSONAL (3 meter radius of protection, size 5×5 cm) and 2 x POZITRON PLUSMOBILE PHONE (1 meter radius of protection, size 3×3 cm).

By ordering an OFFICE SET, you have protected the health of people in the entire large office space, all offices, living room, meeting room, corridors, office kitchenYOU PROTECTED THE ENTIRE OFFICE AREA!

The largest unit POZITRON PLUS – LIVING SPACE with a protection radius of 20 meters should be placed in the middle of the office space on a desk, wardrobe or on the floor, thus you have protected the space in a radius of 20 meters, and the protection diameter is 40 meters.

The set also includes POZITRON PLUS – OFFICE with a protection radius of 5 meters and a protection diameter of 10 meters, so it can protect an additional 10 meters of office space, or it can be used to protect some other smaller room.

The OFFICE SET also includes 2 pieces of POZITRON PLUS MOBILE PHONE (to protect 2 mobile phones) and 2 pieces of POZITRON PLUS – PERSONAL with a protective radius of 3 meters, and are used for personal protection of two people wherever they move.

All products from OFFICE SET, in addition to helping the body defend against harmful radiation from all technical devices and wireless technologies inside the work space, also help defend against harmful influences COMING FROM OUTSIDEradiation from repeaters, satellites, satellite and radar antennas, transmission lines, substation and bright neon street lights.

If someone’s workplace is accidentally placed in an “ENERGICALLY VERY BAD PLACE“, you will neutralize up to 90% of the pathogenic effect of the RADIATION OF THE UNDERGROUND WATER FLOW, HARTMANN AND CURRYS NODE, AND THE SAME PERCENTAGE WILL NEUTRALIZE THE EFFECT OF THE SO-CALLEDBLACK DOTSCANCER POINTS at that workplace place.

When POZITRON PLUS is placed in an OFFICE, you can notice better relations between employees, greater calmness and satisfaction of all employees, fewer conflict situations, less tension, a better working atmosphere, employees will have more energy, better concentration, better mood, optimism and creative energy is increasing, and thanks to all this, better work results can be expected.


THE RANGE OF PRODUCTS FROM THE POZITRON PLUS – OFFICE SET are ideal for protecting a large office space with several offices, a large apartment, the entire house, hospitals, polyclinics, doctorsoffices, psychiatric offices, wellness centers and energy therapies, massage parlors, laboratories, institutions for physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatric institutions with many residents, nursing homes, institutions for the care of the elderly and infirm, kindergartens, schools, etc. To protect very large spaces, you should connect two, three or more POZITRONS in series every 20 meters, thus, it is possible to protect entire factory facilities of several hundred meters, entire buildings, large shopping centers, churches, monasteries, school and student dormitories, etc. (or larger units are installed POZITRON PLUS with a radius of action of 100 meters, diameter of action of 200 meters).


POZITRON PLUS HAS SCIENTIFICLY BASED PROOF OF FUNCTIONALITY (Scientific Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology BIONLjubljana). Thanks to the excellent test results, a CERTIFICATE OF POSITIVE ENERGY INFLUENCE ON HUMAN HEALTH, WHICH IS VALID IN SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL CIRCLES, was obtained. He also has a dozen top certificates, awards and gold medals from innovation fairs in Brussels, Nuremberg, Zagreb, Poland, France and Macedonia.

POZITRON PLUS – OFFICE SET includes 6 high-quality, highly sophisticated NANO-TECH PRODUCTS, which help protect the health of each individual employee in the work team, which for employers represents MODERN PROTECTION AT WORK, which can significantly reduce the number of sick days of employees on an annual basis, and improve business results of entire work groups.



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