Pozitron Plus 3m – PERSONAL

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POZITRON PLUS – PERSONAL, protection radius 3 meter


POZITRON PLUS 3m – PERSONAL is a unique sophisticated product for the preventive protection of human health, produced from 6 layers of multi-processed and nano-technologically programmed celluloid material, which in the final production process is additionally protected with a resin coating, which enables it to have an extremely long service life (several dozen years). It represents a small programmed transmitter, which emits THREE SPECTER of its own programmed frequencies in the space around it, which protect human health from the aggressive frequencies of mobile phones, laptops, computers, repeaters and other wireless technologies, but also from pathogenic radiations from natural sources (underground water flow, Hartman and Curry radiation).

The FIRST FREQUENCY SPECTRUM, which is compatible with the physiological frequencies of the vegetative nervous system, is responsible for significantly increasing the flow of energy through the entire human body. Thus, a person in a protected space becomes stronger and more resistant to most radiation from technical and natural sources. Thanks to this, a much higher efficiency of the immune system in the prevention of various diseases can be expected.

THE SECOND SPECTRUM OF FREQUENCY enables an above-average neutralization of the pathogenic spectrum of electromagnetic radiation in space – up to 90% protection, where according to the well-known law of physics INTERFERENCE – waves of programmed positive frequencies interfere with waves of pathogenic frequencies of EM radiation, thus completely neutralizing them in the protected space. They do not block them, they only neutralize them, so they no longer have a burdensome effect on human health. In this way, the immune system does not have to be overworked, and thus the body becomes naturally stronger and more resistant.

THE THIRD SPECTRUM OF FREQUENCY serves to raise the mood, has a calming effect and fills the protected space with strong positive energy. That is why in a protected space you can expect significantly better interpersonal relationships, better work concentration, significantly less emotional negative energy and tension, and thanks to this, people in such a positive environment feel much better in the long term. This is a guarantee of greater human satisfaction and noticeably better psycho-physical health.


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POZITRON PLUS 3m – PERSONAL does not block electromagnetic radiation, but only NEUTRALIZES THEIR PATHOGENIC SPECTRUM, that is why its action does not create any interference with technical devices and wireless technologies. With proper use, its service life is unlimited, and the warranty on the product is 10 years.


Most people are not even aware of the difference between STRENGTH AND PATHOGENICITY OF EM RADIATION. We are witnessing LARGE ASSOCIATIONS OF CITIZENS, who NO LONGER ALLOW STRONG REPEATER OF MOBILE SIGNALS, SATELLITE AND RADAR ANTENNAS, to be installed near their houses and apartments, because after their installation a huge number of people begin to feel numerous health problems, and it is suspected that one of the possible causes of the increased statistics of cancerous diseases, the epidemic of diabetes and hypertension in younger and younger people. What has not been taken into account until now is PATHOGENICITY, which spreads much, much further in space than the STRENGTH OF EMF RADIATION, and cannot be measured with existing measuring instruments. PATHOGENESIS causes numerous health problems, the most common of which are CHRONIC FATIGUE, NOISES IN THE HEAD, VERTIGO, HEADACHE, INSOMNIA, IRRITABILITY AND LOW MOOD.

This can best be explained on the example of PATHOGENIC RADIATION OF REPEATERS (a similar effect is caused by the pathogenicity of wi-fi routers, substations, radars, satellites…) which spreads several hundred meters further than the legally measured STRENGTH. This was very clearly proven by the TEST WITH BEES, which have a much more sensitive vegetative nervous system than humans. At a distance of about 500 meters from 450 hives, a repeater was placed. From the first day, the bees started to behave strangely, they became disoriented, they lived shorter, the productivity of the queens decreased significantly, there were fewer and fewer bees in the hives, the colonies became very weak, the bees became much more aggressive, their swarming instinct increased significantly so that they left their hives en masse. Within a year, honey production fell from 15 tons to less than 6 tons.

When POZITRON PLUS was installed as frequency protection against the pathogenic spectrum of repeater radiation, within 3 months the bee colonies completely recovered, and became even stronger, healthier and more productive than before.

THE HUMAN NERVOUS AND IMMUNE SYSTEM evolutionarily did not have time to adapt to the rapid progress of wireless technologies, and they recognize the pathogenic spectrum of frequencies passing through the human body as a threat. That’s why they work day and night, for weeks, months and years without rest, so they constantly CONSUME A HUGE QUANTITY OF THE ORGANISM’S INTERNAL ENERGY, which sooner or later will exhaust the organism, and this opens the door to chronic fatigue, a drop in immunity and, as a result, numerous physical and psychological health disorders.

POZITRON PLUS 3m – PERSONAL (size 5×5 cm) it has a very strong protective effect against the pathogenic spectrum of EM radiation in a very high percentage (over 90%), in a radius of 3 meters. It is primarily used for PERSONAL PROTECTION OF ONE PERSON, which is why it has invaluable practical value, because you always carry it with you (in your pocket, wallet, purse…) no matter where you are moving. When you come to work (school, college) you work at the computer, you drink coffee in your favorite cafe… just put it on the table next to you, or hold it in your hand while you wait in line at the bank counter, waiting for a doctor’s examination, etc… That’s how in 3 meters around you, you have secured a “SAFE ZONE“, where your body conserves its precious energy, the energy of the immune system is consumed less, you are calmer, in a better mood, your concentration and work energy are better, and you have done a lot for yourself to preserve your health in the long term.

At the same time, with its programmed frequencies that are compatible with the physiological frequencies of the human organism, POZITRON PLUS strongly increases the flow of energy through all your organs and organ systems through the vegetative nervous system, thus helping you to be even more resistant to all external influences, but also to you have more life and work energy, and therefore stronger immunity.

POZITRON PLUS 3m – PERSONAL is also very useful when you travel, because it is easily portable and always with you. When you arrive at a hotel, motel, vacation home, etc., take it out of your wallet, put it next to your bed, and thus you have protected your new sleeping place, and your sleep will be better. When you go for a run, recreational walks, etc., carry it with you in your pocket, it will additionally increase your energy flow, and enable you to have greater endurance, but also faster relaxation and regeneration of the body. That is why it is also a favorite among athletes (professional and recreational).

It is ideal for professional drivers, business people who travel often and in general for all people who spend a lot of time in a car (bus, train, truck, plane). It helps your body to more easily defend itself against pathogenic radiation from batteries, electronics and wireless GPS signals, which are big energy thieves while driving, and at the same time it raises your internal energy, enables better concentration and driving makes you less exhausted. It is recommended for owners of all cars, especially electric cars and hybrids, since you are literally sitting in a “HUGE STRONG BATTERY AND ELECTRONIC RECEIVER OF WIRELESS FREQUENCY REPEATERS AND NAVIGATION SATELLITE“.

Just take the POZITRON out of your wallet and while driving keep it in the compartment next to the gearbox (or hang it under the rearview mirror) and it will neutralize the pathogenic spectrum of EM radiation with its frequencies and thus protect the energy of your organism.

If your or your child’s bed in the bedroom is accidentally placed in a “VERY BAD ENERGY PLACE” (an aggressive line of underground water flows over the bed, sockets and circuits are next to the bed, close to a mobile phone, WI-FI ROUTER, etc.), it helps to save and regenerates the body’s energy during sleep, and with INTERFERENCE neutralizes the exhausting pathogenic frequencies of GROUNDWATER RADIATION and other natural and technical radiations. Thus, during sleep, the precious energy of the defense forces is not wasted, and thanks to this, much better regeneration and rehabilitation of the organism is possible, as well as better quality sleep and better rest. Walls don’t bother him. Thanks to PROGRAMMED FREQUENCIES that lift the mood in a radius of 3 meters, it fills your personal space with strong positive energy. Thus, it helps you to be in a better mood, more positive towards life and work, to have better interpersonal relationships, better concentration, a higher threshold of tolerance in stressful situations, stronger body energy and, in the long term, greater resistance to various diseases, and stronger immunity. That’s a lot of great benefits that have come in very handy for all of us, especially in these turbulent and unstable times.


It is recommended to absolutely everyone, children (carry in a school bag) and adults (carry in a wallet, bag, trouser pocket…), that you always have it with you because it is very practical and easily portable. People who have a sitting workplace take it with them to work, immediately put it on the desk next to you, and let it be in your immediate vicinity on the desk for the entire working time. School children and students carry it in their bag, take it out when studying and keep it on their desk. Car drivers put it next to the gearbox while driving. It will be very useful to everyone. It helps healthy people to stay healthy in the long term. It will be of great help to chronic patients and the elderly, it helps to improve mood, strengthen immunity and improve the overall flow of energy through the body. It has a calming effect on the human nervous system, thus helping to reduce anxiety and depressive moods, which helps to establish a better psycho-physical balance of the human organism.


POZITRON PLUS HAS SCIENTIFICLY BASED PROOF OF FUNCTIONALITY (Scientific Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology BIONLjubljana). Thanks to the excellent test results, a CERTIFICATE OF POSITIVE ENERGY INFLUENCE ON HUMAN HEALTH, WHICH IS VALID IN SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL CIRCLES, was obtained. He also has a dozen top certificates, awards and gold medals from innovation fairs in Brussels, Nuremberg, Zagreb, Poland, France and Macedonia.

POZITRON PLUS 3m – PERSONAL is a modern, highly sophisticated NANO-TECH PRODUCT that helps protect your personal health, the health of your children, but also the health of each individual employee in the work team, which for employers represents MODERN PROTECTION AT WORK, which can significantly reduce the number of sick days of employees on an annual basis, and improve the business results of the entire work teams.





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  1. Marco (verified owner)

    I bought this Pozitron because it protects my entire body and at the same time it’s portable. After using it for 3 weeks I can say I feel more relaxed, I sleep better and in general I’m more focused when I face the daily challenges. I found it in another website, but here is cheaper and the shipping is tracked.

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