About Us

The world is changing rapidly. The technological revolution with the production of modern technical devices and wireless technologies is advancing rapidly, far faster than the evolutionary ability of the human organism to adapt to the new changes. Scientists and the medical public are increasingly inclined to assume that ELECTRO – STRESS has become one of the serious factors causing a number of health disorders. That is why today, more than ever before, there is a great need to develop innovative, new products in parallel, which help protect the human body from the aggressive effects of unnatural frequencies that surround us. To our great pride, POZITRON PLUS is definitely one of the most efficient, multi-purpose products in this category.

The main motive for long-term investment in the development of a multi-purpose protective product was the rapid increase in statistics on the development of cancer and autoimmune diseases in young people, especially the prevention of cancer in children and youth, associated with the growing use of wireless technologies - mobile phones, computers , tablets, game consoles, wireless and digital technologies

Our mission is to help protect human health in a time of rapid advances in modern technology. Help significantly reduce the impact of major thieves of human energy from our immediate work and living environment, with targeted natural stimulation of raising the flow of energy through the human body, thanks to programmed physiological frequencies. Such targeted influence can significantly increase the functionality of the body’s defenses, calm the autonomic nervous system, reduce the impact of daily stress and tension on the body, and thus enable a huge number of people around the world MUCH SAFER use of modern technologies.

We strive to act educationally and argumentatively on spreading awareness about ELEKTRO – SMOG, a new type of pollution of our living and working space, which has affected all developed countries around the world. Scientists claim that today we are literally BATHING IN THE SEA OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION. These are invisible electromagnetic frequencies that are present all around us, which pass through the human body, cause the reaction of our defenses, and thus intensify the depletion of our internal energy. Today, both the medical and scientific professions publicly warn that the development of a completely new group of health disorders called ELEKTRO – STRESS has been noticed, which is why over a certain period of time, many major or minor health disorders in all age groups can occur.

Our Company

The basic mission of our work is to expand awareness of the preventive protection of the health of children and adults, from the increasingly dangerous effects of electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation.

The product prototype was created in 1995 by prof. Aleksandar Saša Zalepugin, who with his sensational radiesthesia abilities, given the then current health problems, tried to find functional protection from groundwater flow and natural radiation, which would protect the sleeping places in his home.

We met in 2009, when he modestly presented his innovation, which we decided to send for testing, and we were surprised by the results. Since then, prof. Zalepugin became part of our development team, and with all his experience, his unreserved work and countless tests, he helped create the basic formula for a new innovation, and we are infinitely grateful to him for that.

By joint long-term persistent improvement of products and production processes, and the implementation of nano-technological components in the production process, we managed to extend the protective effect to current technical radiation, and enable it to increase the flow of energy through the human body, and achieved excellent stabilization effect of energy in living spaces. In addition, we have achieved an enviable width of the new product, and thus produced a unique multi-functional product with as many as 4 functions – POZITRON PLUS, which thanks to proven results has become one of the world’s most competitive products in this category.

We are especially proud of the large number of certificates obtained, numerous gold medals and prestigious awards at European innovation fairs, and the large number of successful tests, which prove the fantastic effect of POZITRON PLUS (see page CERTIFICATES).

Our Team

Krunoslav Jelaković

Dr. med. Krunoslav Jelakovic


Gordana Draganić

cert. radiest. Gordana Draganic

Development Manager

Saša Zalepugin

Prof. Aleksandar Zalepugin


Anita Levanić

Anita Levanic

Head of Office

Robert Borić Digital Project Manager

Robert Boric

Digital Project Manager

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