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@ Evidence of Effectiveness

POZITRON PLUS was tested at the well – known SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE BION – LJUBLJANA (Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology). Excellent results have been obtained that confirm its effectiveness, and a CERTIFICATE has been issued that is valid in both scientific and medical circles. Also, several dozen more tests and demonstrations of product effectiveness have been done. Great results have been obtained everywhere, and you can see their CERTIFICATES, awards and recognitions here.



– Scientific product testing (scientific paper) was performed at the well-known EUROPEAN SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE – BION LJUBLJANA (Institute of Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology) with the help of medical diagnostic devices. Excellent results were obtained, which are proof of the excellent effectiveness of POZITRON PLUS. An extensive study with test results, Solution and SCIENTIFIC CERTIFICATE of product efficiency has been issued. This CERTIFICATE is valid in both MEDICAL CIRCLES and SCIENTIFIC CIRCLES, and if necessary, it can also serve as evidence in court, which irrefutably confirms the effectiveness of the product.


We present you several graphs, which are an integral part of the results obtained by scientific testing of POZITRON PLUS at the SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE – BION.

EUNES CERTIFICATE (European Association for Natural and Energy Medicine)

– a prestigious CERTIFICATE and Solution above the average protection against harmful radiation was obtained, with an enviable effect of over 90%.

Pozitron Plus - EUNES Research Results (European Association for Natural and Energy Medicine)

– the picture shows a clip from the Solution, which confirms the above average test performance of POZITRON PLUS, with a defined protection effect of over 90%.

HUPED CERTIFICATE (Croatian Association for Natural and Energy Medicine)

– a prestigious CERTIFICATE and Solution above the average protection against harmful radiation was obtained, with an enviable effect of over 90%.

Prestigious Awards & Acknowledgements

GOLD MASK with special acknowledgment and CERTIFICATE


– Special award GOLDEN MASK! This is a prestigious award won at the INNOVATION FAIR IN NURENBERG – GERMANY.






– Also a prestigious award – CRYSTAL GLOBE, a very valuable award of the expert jury from Poland.



– GOLD MEDAL won at the innovation fair INOVA – ZAGREB (with it won two more silver medals and one bronze).




Testings & Performance

PIP Camera Testing (Polycontrast Interference Photography)

We present you PIP CAMERA footage from the laboratory of scientist Harry Oldfield, which shows you very clearly how effective a POZITRON PLUS product is!

The PIP camera image was taken after 10 seconds of conversation with a mobile phone pressed to the ear, while POZITRON PLUS was not installed on the mobile phone. The PIP camera showed BAD ENERGY FLOW (RED/PINK ZONE) to the area around the test person’s ear, head and neck.

The PIP camera footage was taken after 10 seconds of conversation of the same person, with the same mobile phone, except that in this case POZITRON PLUS was installed on it. The PIP camera shows the DISPERSION of the harmful red zone with the appearance of a predominantly BLUE ZONE which represents a GOOD FLOW OF ENERGY (BLUE PURPLE COLOR) around the ear, neck and head of the tested person, in a time period of only 10 seconds.

The PIP camera footage talks in just 3-4 seconds on a mobile phone that is not protected by POZITRON PLUS. You may notice an amplified bright red color on the hand and screen of the mobile phone, which represents a BAD ENERGY FLOW.

The PIP camera shot talks in just 3-4 seconds on a mobile phone protected by POZITRON PLUS. You may notice that the bright red color on your hand and the screen of your mobile phone has faded significantly, and a much more blue-purple color appears, which represents a GOOD FLOW OF ENERGY.

PIP CAMERA footage showing a lot of red and pink on the head, neck and back, indicating BAD ENERGY FLOW. The person in the picture confirmed that he has frequent headaches, tension in the upper back, and frequent painful syndromes of the cervical spine.

The PIP CAMERA footage shows that same male person holding a POZITRON PLUS in his right hand right next to his head. It is clearly visible that in just a few seconds the red – pink zone has significantly decreased, and the blue – purple zone is taking over (GOOD ENERGY FLOW).

The PIP CAMERA image shows the back of a female person. The red zone (BAD ENERGY FLOW) signals a very slow energy flow and the possible existence of energy blockages in the back. The person in the picture confirmed that he has frequent painful syndromes in his back, as well as occasional problems with his kidneys and urinary tract.

The PIP CAMERA footage shows the back of the same woman, holding a POZITRON PLUS – PERSONAL (which has a radius of action of about 3 meters). It is fascinating that in just a few seconds the red zone is lost, and the blue-purple zone is predominantly displayed, which signals a SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT of ENERGY FLOW, in just a few seconds!


A person recorded immediately after a conversation with a mobile phone that is NOT PROTECTED with POZITRON PLUS. Pay attention to the display of a large area of ​​the body in red – this is the ZONE OF BAD ENERGY FLOW, caused by the influence of pathogenic radiation of the mobile phone. Also, it is very important to notice the BLACK ZONE on the neck (in the area of ​​the thyroid gland), which signals a COMPLETE BLOCK OF ENERGY FLOW (this is the side where the tested person was holding a mobile phone).

A view of that same person taken immediately after a conversation with that same mobile phone WHICH IS PROTECTED with POZITRON PLUS. The black zone NO LONGER EXISTS. The red zone on the hull has completely disappeared, the red zone on the head has significantly faded (the zone of poor energy flow has been significantly reduced). The image is dominated by yellow and light green, which signal EXCELLENT ENERGY FLOW.


Testing of the state of the organism was done with the BIOFEEDBACK device SENSITIVE AUDIT, in a period of 10 days, as seen in the graph. After the initial state of influence, the person in the test carried it with them Pozitron Plus – PERSONAL (3 m radius) throughout the test. We tested the following categories of negative impacts:

– Geopathogenic radiation

X – Ray contamination

– Ionizing radiation

– Radiation of fluorescent lamps Values ​​below 0.5 negatively affect human health, and were recorded initially test

It can be seen that all values ​​increase during the testing period, and eventually all are above 0.5 which speaks to the very positive effects of Pozitron Plus compared to the tested categories of adverse effects radiation to human health.


Testing of the state of the organism was done with the BIOFEEDBACK device SENSITIVE AUDIT in the period of 8 days, as seen in the graph. After the initial state of influence, the person in the test carried it with them Pozitron Plus – PERSONAL (protection radius 3m) all the time the test continues. We tested the following categories of negative impacts:

– Halogen lamp radiation

– Radiation of electrical networks

– Microwave ventilation

– TV receiver radiation Values ​​below 0.5 negatively affect human health, and were recorded initially test

It can be seen that all values ​​increase during the testing period, and eventually all are above 0.5 which speaks to the very positive effects of Pozitron Plus compared to the tested categories of adverse effects radiation to human health.


By detailed testing of the impact of Pozitron Plus on human health using highly sophisticated BIOFEEDBACK DEVICE – QUEST 9, categorized as a MEDICAL PRODUCT, is unquestionably confirmed extremely positive effect of Pozitron Plus on human health.


By testing the product using a highly sophisticated BIOFEEDBACK DEVICE – BIOSTAR, we have unquestionably proven the negative impact of an unprotected mobile phone on the human body. Also, we got very concrete positive results while using a mobile phone that is protected by Pozitron Plus. The real positive effect of POZITRON PLUS in terms of neutralizing pathogenic frequencies and helping the human body to defend against harmful radiation has been proven.


With the ROFES device, we tested the effect of Pozitron Plus on 17 human organ systems, using a certified device for diagnosing the energy state of the organism. Testing is performed with the help of a modern software program, which is based on the basics of ELECTRO – ACUPUNCTURE. The device analyzes the flow of energy through the human body with the help of the biologically active acupuncture point MC-7, which is located on the wrist of the left hand. The test results very clearly prove the improvement of energy flow through the entire human body, in just 20 minutes of using POZITRON PLUS – LIVING SPACE (protection radius 20 meters).


The first photo was taken after the tested person played the game on a mobile phone for 15 minutes. Immediately after that, blood was taken from the finger and placed under the DARK-FIELD MICROSCOPE for analysis. The footage shows one of the most common causes of poor blood flow, the so-called “roule-aux formation” of red blood cells, or more commonly known as the COLLECTED COIN PHENOMENON. Since this phenomenon has started to appear in more than 80% of people tested today, this phenomenon is increasingly associated with the excessive influence of aggressive frequencies of ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION on the human body, due to too many modern technical devices we are surrounded by (mobile phones, repeaters, tablets, laptops, circuits, game consoles, microwave ovens, WI-FI wireless internet, 4G network, 5G network, satellites, etc.).

The second photo shows the same person, who once again played a game on the same mobile phone for 15 minutes, but next to her on the desk is placed POZITRON PLUS – OFFICE (protection radius 5 meters). Blood was removed from the finger again and placed under microscope for analysis. All people who had glued erythrocytes after the first test, after only 15 minutes of exposure to POZITRON PLUS, and re-testing, had nicely distributed and free erythrocytes! This accelerates the process of ridding the body of toxins, far better supply of oxygen to all cells, establishes a balance of energy flow throughout the body, and thus significantly increases the body’s resistance to harmful radiation, many diseases and pain syndromes.

We did several dozen tests of bee communities under the influence of MOBILE SIGNAL REPETITORS. We present an example of a large beekeeper who had about 350 hives. A REPETITOR was set up for him 350 meters from the yard, after which extremely big problems with bee communities began. Within a year, his honey production dropped from 14 tons to only 7 tons. And the problems with the bees were so big that he had to buy an old bus and most of the bees moved away. He told us that after setting up the repeater, the bees became disoriented, much more aggressive, they started swarming fast and too often (moving out of the hives en masse). He noticed a huge difference in the behavior of bees, but the number of bees in the hives was rapidly declining. The communities became weaker and weaker, and the yield became twice as weak in a short period of one year.

That same beekeeper placed POZITRON PLUS – LIVING SPACE (radius of protection 20 meters) in the yard apiary, thus protecting all bee communities within a radius of 20 meters. He conducted testing for three months and the results were FANTASTIC. The beekeeper was delighted. The bee communities have recovered, they have become more than twice as strong. He noticed the great calmness of the bees, they were not aggressive at all (which he showed us), he noticed that the bees live longer, and that the queens are above average productive. He noticed that the number of varroa (bee parasite) decreased extremely, which surprised him especially (it is assumed that some of the frequencies of Pozitron are bothered by varroa), and consequently the productivity of bees to his great satisfaction became far better than his expectations. What happened under the influence of POZITRON PLUS? The pathogenic spectrum of harmful radiation was neutralized within a radius of 20 meters from the hives. That was quite enough to keep the bees from being affected by the aggressive frequencies of the REPETITOR, which they feel far better than we humans. We emphasize that the STRENGTH OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION in the vicinity of the repeater can be measured with special devices, and based on that it is concluded that repeaters are not harmful to health. But BEES HAVE PROVEN THE THEORY WE REPRESENT, THAT THERE IS PATHOGENICITY OF EMF radiation, which the mentioned devices cannot measure, AND THE PATHOGENIC EFFECT APPEARS AT A MUCH GREATER DISTANCE FROM THE REPETITOR, which is especially close to the building. Bees, unlike humans, feel this far more strongly, so they fled from that environment. The bee organism is also controlled by the vegetative nervous system, so the effect of Pozitron helped them become calmer, happier and ultimately much more productive in a healthy environment.

Another beekeeper showed us another very interesting test. He took his mobile phone and put it at the entrance to one hive, which was full of bees. He told us to call that number. When we called, the bees got upset and started attacking the cell phone en masse with stings. There was a real commotion. He then took his mobile phone and protected it with POZITRON PLUS – MOBILE PHONE (protection radius 1 meter). He put it on the same hive again. We called that same cell phone again, but the reaction of rage and general commotion was completely absent. In fact, after less than a minute, the bees started cleaning the cell phone with their beaks, and in the first case, they attacked it with stings. It was also a fantastic experience for us, where we got very clear signals that we are on the right track, and that we have produced a rarely good product, which we can really be proud of. These tests provided all the answers to the question of whether POZITRON PLUS REALLY WORKS, especially since the bees are not prone to the influence of the PLACEBO EFFECT, and the results obtained are more than credible.

We did a few dozen tests on poultry houses, where small chickens are raised. The testing always included two poultry houses at the same manufacturer. We protected one poultry house with 5 pieces of POZITRON PLUS – LIVING SPACE (protection radius 20 meters), which we connected in series and placed in the space every 15 meters. The second poultry house was NOT PROTECTED, it served as a control group. 20,000 chickens arrived in each poultry house on the same day, they came from the same flock, 3 days old. Both groups of chickens ate food from the same silo, they had exactly the same living conditions, and the distance between the facilities was about 60 meters. After 40 days of cultivation, the protected group yielded about 3.5 tons higher than the unprotected group, and the food consumption was the same. The owners of the farm enthusiastically told us about their observations in the behavior of the chickens that were under protection. They say the chickens were better distributed in the space, did not congregate in groups, had the impression that they were more tame, calmer, had a healthy song, and were not as fearful as those in the unprotected group.

How did we interpret the results? By installing protection in space, the pathogenic spectrum of electromagnetic radiation frequencies in space was neutralized. The poultry house is full of circuits, because everything is automated – feeders and drinkers are powered by electricity, lighting and air conditioning as well, so the poultry house (as well as office space and a large part of our households) is greatly affected by electromagnetic radiation. Aggressive frequencies pass through the bodies of chickens, and force the defense forces to protect the body of chickens from unnatural frequencies. It consumes a lot of internal energy of the body, since EMZs are big energy thieves of all living beings. That is why the chickens from the unprotected group spent a lot of their internal energy to fight against them, which was not the case in the protected group. The unprotected had problems with both diarrhea and disease, which was not the case in the protected group. The unprotected were timid, they grouped into groups, they were anxious, which is attributed to the weaker flow of energy in the body and the weaker functioning of the body’s defenses, which disrupted the psycho-physical balance. Their body was forced to expend much more energy, and so they were ultimately 3.5 tons lighter than the protected ones. The conclusion is clear. The situation is similar in our work and living environment, so today, with the development of modern technologies, it is more than necessary to develop products that neutralize the effect of EMF, and help the body strengthen energy flow and the immune system to be more resistant to many external influences.

For six months, we tested the impact of POZITRON PLUS – OFFICE (protection radius 5 meters) on a farm, in a barn with several cows and a facility with pigs. According to the testimony of the owner of the farm, the cows gave about 1L more milk than before within a month after breastfeeding. They became much calmer, they were more satisfied. During that whole period, they never got udder inflammation (which was a common case before). Calves born under the influence of POZITRON PLUS progressed significantly faster naturally. It took them 3.5 months to reach a sales weight of 150 kg, and in the protected facility they achieved this in a little over 2.5 months. The situation was similar with the little piglets. Otherwise, they need 3.5 months to achieve a sales weight of 35 kg, and in the protected area they progressed faster and achieved sales weight in as little as 2.5 months. It was interesting that in these two tested objects there are usually one or two swallow’s nests, and since the space was protected by a pozitron, the number of swallows in the space suddenly increased significantly, so about 8 nests were built.

Also one interesting thing. The dog from the owner has never slept in a barn where cows are. We placed the POZITRON PLUS above a small hayloft, and since then the dog has chosen a new place to sleep, just below the place where the protection is placed. The owners claim he has absolutely never slept in that place before. What do the results tell us? We proved again that POZITRON PLUS has no PLACEBO EFFECT, because there is no placebo in animals. In the protected area we neutralized the pathogenic spectrum of EMF radiation, but in this case the neutralization of natural radiation (existence of underground water flow, etc.) was also important, since cows and pigs are stationed in one place, as well as people in the workplace or always in the same place. place of sleep). Thanks to that, the animal’s organism did not have to spend its internal energy on the fight against aggressive frequencies. Consequently, the animals had stronger internal energy, and consequently much better immunity, which was reflected in faster growth of calves and piglets, and cows produced more milk. Since the frequencies of Pozitron positively affect the autonomic nervous system, but also stabilize the energy of space, the animals were much calmer, there was no anxiety, aggression, and were much more satisfied. Since Pozitron filled the space with positive frequencies, it stabilized the energy of the space, which is why the number of swallows’ nests increased sharply, because they were attracted by the positive energy of the space, and it is important for them to raise their offspring in a healthy environment. And a very significant gesture of their dog, who, like swallows, chose a new place to sleep, just below the set protection. Conclusion: Animals have far better developed senses than humans, and behave instinctively. They do not have a PLACEBO EFFECT but behave in accordance with their instincts and feelings. Therefore, for us, the described results obtained by specific tests in the animal world, CROWN EVIDENCE OF POZITRON PLUS FUNCTIONALITY.

We performed several dozen tests of the protective collar for dogs – VITALITY COLLAR, in which the POZITRON PLUS – DOG PROTECT was installed. Watch the video in which the owner of the VETERINARY POLYCLINIC FOR SMALL ANIMALS (AUSTRALIA) talks about the results obtained by testing dogs in their Polyclinic.

More than 10,000 people from all over the world have already become satisfied users of protective products from the POZITRON PLUS range. Protect your health as well, and with MUCH MORE SAFETY enjoy the use of modern technologies.