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With its programmed spectrum of frequencies that it sends out in the space, it DECONTAMINATES and NEUTRALIZES NEGATIVE ENERGIES FROM THE SPACE, OBJECTS, AND PEOPLE, it eases your organism’s ability to protect itself from negative energies from the surroundings, and – at the same time – works as a long-term PREVENTIVE PROTECTION against the repeated accumulation of NEGATIVE ENERGIES in the protected space. The DECONTAMINATION process lasts from several minutes to several hours from the moment in which the decontaminator was placed and it depends on the level of contamination in the space, object, or person.


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DNE is a highly sophisticated NANO-TECH product that actively transmits its own wide spectrum of positive frequencies interfering with the frequencies of the negative energies and eliminates them. Its active radius is 20 meters.

If you have the patients (clients) coming to your office, it is recommendable to clean the space from the bad energies that people with their problems bring in with them (10 minutes is a good period) every day before and after the working hours. If you want to maximize the impact of your therapies, feel free to position DNE for 15 minutes very close to the patient (meter or two) and you will free them from the bad energies and energetic blockages so they will feel better. The patient doesn’t need to know what that is. They don’t have to know that you treated them with DNE. It is important because the effect of your treatment will be maximized and your patients will be more satisfied.

It is not recommendable to leave DNE in the space with people for a long time. The energy that it transmits is very strong and it could cause side effects such as nausea, dizziness, tinnitus, headache, pressure in the chest, fast heart beating, palpitations, etc. You can leave it in the space for a whole day or night only if you are sure that PEOPLE WON’T BE THERE. While the people are there, feel free to use it from 15 minutes to one hour at the most. After you are done with treating the space, put DNE back in the black box and keep it closed until the next use.

The active radius of DNE is about 20 meters. If you use it at home, it is recommendable to place it on the bracket from the original box and to keep it inside of each room for half an hour. If there are some objects that you want to cleanse, just put DNE very close to them and, within a period of 15 minutes, they will be cleaned from bad energies. It is recommendable to place it on the beds that you use for sleeping two times per month for a period of 10 minutes.

DNE is not designed for permanent use in the space. This means that – most of the time – you should keep it closed in its original black box where its activity is neutralized. In family surroundings, use it once or twice a week, depending on need. In professional conditions and when you work with patients (clients), use it every day, more than once a day.

All the living creatures, as well as the inanimate objects, exist in the natural environment and keep emitting specific energetic vibrations. This means that the energy keeps being created around us regardless of our will to admit it. It keeps being created, absorbed, emitted, reflected and interfered with through different modes of energetic vibrations.

NEGATIVE “ABSTRACT” ENERGIES are created as a result of interference of the bad energetic vibrations on a certain frequency in space. This forms the “BAD ENERGIES” which contaminate the space, objects, and living creatures within the spatial framework. Most people have encountered an opportunity to enter a new space and to feel weird energy that they felt uncomfortable about. It was bothering them and caused an irresistible wish to leave the space as soon as possible. It is similar to meeting someone who also radiates negative energy so that you want to move away as soon as possible. It doesn’t have to mean that they are evil people. It just means that the person has been contaminated with ta bad energy and they kept spreading it around themselves.

BAD ENERGETIC VIBRATIONS” negatively affects the “MENTAL HEALTH” of the exposed person in the first place. If someone is exposed to the NEGATIVE ENERGIES for a long time, the MENTAL HEALTH can be seriously threatened, psycho-physical balance can be lost and the person can have significant problems with functioning in many areas.

NEGATIVE ENERGIES affect the autonomous nervous system in a bad way. This leads to chronic fatigue, people contact their doctors with different problems, they don’t feel well while – at the same time – all of their results of the laboratory and clinical tests are alright. Your doctor might keep telling you that you are completely healthy, while – at the same time – you feel like a sick person. You are mentally exhausted, overly tired, depressive, and bothered by the same psychosomatic symptoms that even keep getting worse and worse. As time goes by, your overall health condition gets worse. You are sick and not able to normally function in your working environment. You face concentration loss, you are psychically slower, you keep forgetting things, face neurological disturbances, you are often physically harmed (or cause harm to others), you are aggressive, contentious, angry, hateful, mad. You could as well end up acting as a criminal or a suicidal person.

Many strange situations can happen to contaminated people:

  • bad feeling, feeling of slow motion, without a possibility for progress, feeling grief, feeling sad or sick, cold, etc.
  • fights with the people you live with without an obvious reason
  • children are afraid of being in a certain room or they refuse to enter a certain house
  • people feel fear of staying in certain rooms or no one wants to visit you at home without an obvious reason
  • your children or someone else in your household has a problem with the nightmares
  • the troubles keep going on without a specific reason – privately and/or professionally

If these people don’t get out of this vicious circle of NEGATIVE ENERGIES within several years, their IMMUNE SYSTEM can become seriously exhausted. Then, besides many mental disturbances, your body can also react by developing illnesses – metabolic illnesses, autoimmune illnesses, or malign illnesses.

PSYCHIATRY is a branch of medicine with a task to cure the mental or spiritual health of the patient. Doctor specialist of the psychiatry – to help the patient to be cured – often uses HYPNOSIS as a method. The doctor does this with the best intentions to use the best energetic vibrations while contacting the patient’s subconscious mind and to help them fight the negative energetic vibrations that cause the problems that the patient is facing.

Modern psychiatry in recent times pays more and more attention to the devastation of psycho-physical health without visible causes. In the past century, this problem was mostly related to the terms  “COMPULSION/OBSESSION”, “BLACK MAGIC”, “SPELLS”, “WITCHCRAFT”, ANDSORCERY”. These terms represent negative energetic vibrations (malicious vibrations) coming from animals, plants, and humans. Therefore, the term NEGATIVE ENERGY includes all things within a living, working, or public space that can radiate in a “malicious” way. We can feel that energy around, but we can’t use Newton’s laws to explain it.

If you want to keep your health for a long time, the only way is to fight NEGATIVE ENERGY with another energy which will NEUTRALIZE and ELIMINATE it. The experience has shown that, in nature around us, there are certain crystals, minerals, salt, trees in the woods, some plants, running water, etc., that can significantly reduce or completely eliminate the effects of NEGATIVE ENERGIES. They are able to achieve this because of the fact that they transmit active positive energy that interferes with the frequencies from the negative energy. This is the same principle on which Pozitron Plus DEKONTAMINATOR is based.

Who should use DNE:

  • EVERY PROFESSIONAL – psychiatrist, psychologist, family doctor, doctors in hospitals… absolutely every profile of the professional (masseurs, physicians, chiropodists, cosmeticians, energetic therapists, hair-dressers, directors in big companies, team managers, shift managers, priests, spiritual healers…), anyone who is in the close contact with many patients, clients, or workers who bring their numerous problems in the space to contaminate it with a lot of negative energies that can energetically exhaust the therapist and have a bad effect on their health.

There are two reasons for professionals to use Pozitron Plus DEKONTAMINATOR:

1) to protect their own health by using DNE while they work to neutralize negative energies that patients, clients, or workers bring with them.

2) to improve the quality of their services, treatments, etc., to make their therapies more efficient and to make their patients, clients, and workers more satisfied. While the patient or treated person is within the office (salon, business space, etc.), professionals can use DNE during the treatment or during the talk which will additionally test the patient and free them from the negative energies that can lead to the worsening in the patient’s condition. This means that, besides the regular treatment, professional also helps to free the patient from the negative energies and helps them feel better and to recover from the problems more efficiently. In this way, the therapist raises their chances for efficient treatment and to have satisfied clients.

  • EVERY FAMILY HOUSEHOLD – it is recommendable to place DNE once a week in every room in order to neutralize accumulated negative energy and to raise the harmony in human relationships, to raise the feeling of peace, satisfaction, to reduce the level of stress and tension, to get better rest and better psychophysical health condition of all the people who live in the household.
  • EVERY WORKING ORGANIZATION, FACTORY, SCHOOL, KINDERGARTEN, HOSPITAL, RETIREMENT HOME, COUNTY OFFICE, TOWN COUNCIL, PUBLIC INSTITUTION, SHOPPING MALL… – it is recommendable to leave Pozitron Plus DEKONTAMINATOR overnight once a week to clean the s negative energy from the space and to fill the space with the POSITIVE ENERGY. This will turn the space into more comfortable and productive for fruitful coexistence among the people who use the space. Negative energies often block business success. Thus, one of the positive effects is the better prosperity and business success of each person as well as of the whole working collective…

Pozitron Plus DEKONTAMINATOR is a modern, highly-sophisticated NANO-TECH product that helps to protect your health and provides much more safety in your professional and family environment.


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4 reviews for Pozitron Plus DEKONTAMINATOR 20m

  1. Zygmunt Solorz

    Extremely helpful information specially the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this particular info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  2. Zygmunt Solorz

    I wish to thank you for the efforts you’ve produced in making this technology happen!

  3. Andreas

    Very strong product. You can’t be around it for too long, but great for cleaning larger objects. Feeling peace and quiet in my Yoga lounge at home after using this. 5 stars.

  4. David Ford

    At first, I was quite skeptical about using this product, as my therapist recommended it at one of our therapy sessions after making it very clear that this is not for everyone, but it can help me feel more stable in the daily life challenges I face. After I started using it for a while, I have to admit that I feel much more stable and it’s easier to cope with the loss of my wife. I will share the word about this product with anyone who is in a similar situation as me

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